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The 3D kinematic sequence in the golf swing is the proper unwinding of the hips, torso, arms, and club during the downswing. When done in proper sequence, the golfer can produce the most efficient amount of power. It is arguably one of the most important features of an effective golf swing.

Power in the downswing is initiated from the ground up. With proper pressure from the feet and legs into the ground you can create a stable foundation so that you can first accelerate, then quickly decelerate the hips during the downswing. When the hips decelerate the torso can speed up. When the torso decelerates the arms can speed up. Finally, when the arms decelerate near impact, the club speeds up.

Tour professionals are experts at this sequencing from the ground up, and the accelerate/decelerate cycle. In fact, decelerating may be one of the most important aspects of a proper sequence that can be learned. For a proper kinematic sequence to unfold, your body not only has to initiate acceleration, but also accept deceleration. If there is a physical weak link in your body, interms of rotational mobility, you may have difficulty performing a proper sequence. Likewise, for your body to accept deceleration of the various segments, it needs to have functional stability.

With 3D sensor technology, we can now accurately measure and graph your entire kinematic sequence, isolating each important body segment. If we detect a weak link in the chain, we will be able to diagnose it as a swing fault and/or physical weakness.

Our Golf Rehabilitation and Performance Program at Vitality Physical Medicine is perfect for golf enthusiasts, injured golfers, beginner golfers, and seasoned golfers. Our TPI (Titliest Performance Institute) Certified practitioner works hand-in-hand with you, the golfer to design a custom program that is very specific to your physical needs. Dr. Masellis is an expert in posture, balance, flexibility and strength. He will conduct a thorough examination to determine any biomechanical imperfections that could be keeping you from playing your best game.

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