Shockwave Therapy

Do you suffer from elbow pain? Knee pain? Foot pain? This new treatment might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Radial shockwave therapy is a recently popularized treatment for chronic musculoskeletal conditions. This non-invasive treatment promotes and accelerates the recovery of injured tissue.

Shockwaves are acoustic waves created by an energy pulse from a lightweight handpiece.

Repeated shockwaves to an affected area produce an inflammatory response in the body. The result is an acceleration of the body’s self-healing powers due to increased metabolic activity around the site which includes the formation of new blood vessels and increased circulation. The cells in soft tissue and bone that are responsible for healing are stimulated and the healing process is initiated.

The treatment is fast and effective. A significant reduction in pain and an increase of mobility are typically experienced. Each session takes only five minutes and is performed without anesthesia. Depending on the chronicity of the condition, three to ten treatments at weekly intervals may be necessary.

Patient success story: Like many individuals, one of our patients suffered from chronic upper back pain and tension. This pain became a part of her every day life and she started to think that she would never be pain free again. Numerous therapy options were utilized, however, she reached a plateau in the healing process that we just couldn’t break through…until shockwave therapy. The chronic pain and tension that persisted for over a year was completely resolved in only four shock-wave treatments. She is now able to live, exercise, cook, and do all the things that she enjoys and remains 100% pain-free thanks to what she refers to as “the miracle treatment".

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