Custom Orthotics

This State-Of-The-Art equipment is used to detect gait imbalances or irregularities that could be the source of pain in the knees, hips, back or other parts of the body.

Functional Orthotics

In addition to structural support, our orthotics provide functional support to the recipient’s feet while they are in motion. This improves the functional dynamics of their gait and assists in the biomechanical correction of strained or damaged joints.

Many young people have the wrong impression of orthotic inserts and orthopedic shoes. Often these two devices are linked with old people. Being a young adult myself, I can say that we could care less about taking preventative measures, just live in the moment and enjoy our UGG’s, pointed toed boots and stilettos. Speaking on behalf of all the girls, we put our feet through a lot just to be up to date with the current fashion trends. It was only through my current job, did I learn the importance of orthotics. “Foot orthotics are meant to reduce foot pain and possible deformity caused by the stress of weight on the feet, by brining them into proper alignment and providing support in problem spots.”(1)

In other words they assist the feet to “move in an ergonomically sound manner, reversing and preventing muscular and skeletal damage and deformity.” “Orthotics also help to reduce foot fatigue and provide support for unforeseen stresses, which can be especially beneficial to athletes, increasing endurance, and reducing the chance of injuries.”(2)

In many instances, I have heard the world of difference orthotics have made to a persons life. Both young and old experience a change in pain, walk and lifestyle within weeks of wearing. A client of ours had difficulty walking due to the extreme pain he experienced with his toes. After just weeks of wearing the orthotics he complains no more and has absolutely no problem walking long distances without pain. Many have experienced this miracle. It truly is a simple solution to alleviating pain through the feet, legs, back, hips and even shoulders.

Many younger people fail to realize these benefits. Its very much like laying a proper foundation for a building so that it doesn’t collapse years later. Just so, the feet are the foundation of our body and by taking preventative measures at an early age, we can create a stable foundation for a lifetime. In other words, orthotics are just NOT for old people.

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