Compression Hosiery

MYTH: Compression socks are only for old ladies with swollen ankles.

FACT: Athletic compression socks are now recommended for athletes.

Many business professionals are also wearing them on a daily basis.

WHY: Because we now know good leg health is important to your overall feeling of well being.

Compression therapy is the controlled graduated external pressure to the leg in order to reduce venous pressure within the leg. It is important that the compression be graduated with the strongest compression at the ankle decreasing in pressure as they move up the limb. This will improve blood flow and reduce swelling .

Poor circulation can cause blood to "pool" and collect in the lower limb veins. Symptoms of this may be minimal, ranging from tiredness, an achy heavy feeling in the lower legs, cramping or pain in the calves, to more serious conditions including swelling, discoloration and varicose veins.

Varicose veins are the most common vein disorder in North America. Risk factors include:

Age, pregnancy, weight, extended periods of sitting or standing, surgery or disease.

Stylish compression socks and hosiery have been created to appeal to a wide range of ages for both men and women in order to promote good leg health. Clients whom we have fitted remark on the fact that the benefits are almost immediate. Pregnant women note a decrease in ankle swelling and professionals suffering lower leg discomfort due to work environment are pleased to find their symptoms are alleviated.

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